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With a new name came a new logo and some merchandise. You will see Buck around town with the good luck sticker on his hat.

Sunrise on the Farm.jpg

<--This was taken by Karen and can be one of the views you have a chance of catching as you make your way up the driveway.


<-- Buck starts most of his vegetables inside from seeds. This was the beginning of his lettuce batch.

Tilling before the Rain.jpg

^ Buck was able to get some of the land tilled on April 1 before the rain hit.

<-- After the rain came the sun and Buck was able to get the plants outside for the beautiful natural rays

Below - Old water troughs work well as raised planters for the Kohlrabi. This will help Buck with being able to cover them in case of frost


Eric and Buck were busy this April. Eric was able to help Buck with getting his sign mounted. -->


<-- Asparagus was a tad early. As this photo was taken April 11.


^ Solar panels installed one step closer to being energy efficient and self sustaining.

^ Fields are starting to come together, irrigation systems in place.

Bucks Garden Green.png
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